Apogee Engineering is an independent sales-rep organization with a 60-year history in the Southeast Texas industrial and petrochemical market. In 1954, Mr. Bob Hainge relocated to Houston from Connecticut and started Hainge & Associates, Inc., specializing in process-equipment sales. Byron Dearixon, former manager of Ecodyne Air Coolers in Houston, joined him in the early 1980’s. In 1986, Byron Dearixon and new partner, Gary Trainer, bought Hainge & Associates, changing the name to Apogee Engineering, adding heat exchangers and boilers to the companies represented. In 1989, Phil Lutz joined the company with a background in both rotating equipment from Fluor and process equipment as a manufacturer’s representative. Planning for retirement, Byron hired Derek Nuckols from Mustang Engineering in October, 2011. Derek was a heat-transfer engineer with an excellent background in both rating and design. Byron retired at the end of 2012, with Phil Lutz assuming ownership of Apogee Engineering. Apogee added a third person, Jerry Wingo, in May of 2013.  Jerry brought a long history in industrial sales – working both direct sales and as a manufacturer’s representative for process equipment. We work hard to support the EPC’s and plants in Southeast Texas. We appreciate each of our customers and strive to offer the very best in quality equipment and services.

Our Team

Phil Lutz - Apogee Engineering

PHIL LUTZ is the owner of Apogee Engineering and has primary responsibility for the corporate offices in refining and petrochemical industry and shares responsibility for engineering procurement contractors (EPC) clients. Phil has 25+ years’ experience working the petrochemical, refining, and chemical process industry with significant experience in combustion technologies. A BSME from Texas A&M University, Phil began his career at Fluor in rotating equipment and moved to sales in 1977, joining Apogee in 1989. He assumed ownership of Apogee Engineering in January 2013.


Derek Nuckols - Apogee Engineering

DEREK NUCKOLS joined Apogee in 2011. Derek splits responsibilities with Phil for coverage of major EPC firms in addition to key end-user clients in the refining and petrochemical industry. Derek also manages clients in the offshore oil and gas market. Prior to working at Apogee Engineering, Derek spent 5+ years at Mustang Engineering working as a heat transfer specialist. He is proficient in HTRI and mechanical design of heat exchangers and heads up the heat transfer area for Apogee. Derek is a BSME from Oklahoma Christian University.


Anthony 2018.jpg

ANTHONY SAIZ joined Apogee in 2018.  Anthony supports major EPC firms and key accounts in the refining and petrochemical industry with a focus at the plant level.  Prior to work at Apogee, Anthony worked in the heat transfer market for 10+ years specializing in plate/frame and tubular type exchangers, including extensive work in heat exchanger aftermarket sales.  His experience includes thermal design with a proficiency in HTRI, mechanical design, and all aspects of manufacturing of shell & tube, hairpin, plate/frame, and specialty designs with various advanced technologies. Anthony earned his BSME from the University of Texas at El Paso.


Jerry Wingo - Apogee Engineering

JERRY WINGO joined Apogee in 2013 with responsibility with industrial and petrochemical plants and EPC firms working plant projects. Jerry also manages clients in midstream sector that package gas treatment and compression systems. Jerry spent much of his career in mass transfer technologies, working project management, engineering support, and sales/corporate management. After 18 years in Houston, he moved to FL where he worked the municipal odor control industry. Returning to Texas in 2010, Jerry continues his experience and focus with environmental applications for Apogee. Jerry holds a BS Degree in Business Management.


Cheryl Lutz - Apogee Engineering

CHERYL LUTZ officially joined Apogee in 2013 when Phil assumed ownership of the company. She has supported Phil’s efforts for many years, but now performs key accounting and clerical duties to support the sales efforts of the entire company. She is primary contact for aftermarket parts and service requests as well as communication with our principals. Cheryl’s efforts ensure the company operates resourcefully and as efficiently as possible.